The Bitter Taste

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Dive into the worlds of eight (8) sensational writers as they create engaging stories that will leave you spellbound once you jump in.

The Bitter Taste is a collection of short stories written by eight writers from across the globe. Each story has been written to give different renditions of the title.

“Lena is on the brink of divorce from her estranged husband, Daniel, and she is doing everything in her power to make his life miserable. But decisions made the night after a confrontation will change not only Daniel’s life but hers as well.” – The Georgia Peach that Spoiled by Ny Qunaa

“After moving back to her hometown, Sasha figures out that honesty and love don’t come from the same bottle” – Bottles and Basslines by Sarah Cooke

“They say when death knocks at your door, your life flashes before your eyes. However, is it enough time for someone to redeem themselves before it’s too late?” – Redemption by Ruthie

“Only one decision can change history as we know it. Jenny doesn’t know what the future holds but she is certain of one thing, there can never be a future for her in the village with her grandmother.” – The One Way Trip by Kelvin O’Ralph

“A popular young woman questions the value of her own life after receiving a devastating diagnosis.” – Fireworks in Winter by Ameenah M. Hassan

“This story explores the mental trauma that lingers in a sexual assault victim for the rest of her life and how she puts an end to her agony.” – The Frozen Dish by Benazir Mungloo

“Tony still clutches onto an old guilt while others moved ahead erasing the memories left behind. Acceptance and forgiveness will not be seen without reliving.” – History Lesson by Silvia Latife

“Here is a story about a man who realizes that even though he has achieved a lot for himself, he has missed out on the most important moment in his life.” – The Little Things by Ignacio Bandoni




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2 reviews for The Bitter Taste

  1. 5 out of 5

    THE BITTER TASTE is a collection of short stories from diverse authors across

    cultures and age. As the title indicates, it offers bitter tableaux of men’s, women’s and

    children’s life experiences. The short stories captivate the reader not by intrigue,

    mystery or a well-rounded plot. On the contrary, several like the THE GEORGIA


    after taste of frustration for not telling more, showing more. The writers have chosen to

    offer vibrant showcases of human suffering, wounds and scars, some of which never

    heal. The voices do not invite for judgment but empathy at all times. Be it cheating,

    deception, bullying, sexual abuse or fake glitter, we are left with a profound sense of

    empathy and sympathy for the wasted and broken lives of the characters. Readers

    journey through each narrative feeling the pain in the flesh, the searing burn of the

    ripped hearts, the pounding torments that shred the brain to be numb, the desperate

    attempt to struggle for second chances which they knowingly acquiese will never come.

    This collection does not mean to entertain the lighthearted or teach the green. It is an

    extended invitation to look back at our life and consider reflect on how much we have

    been living or been walking zombies as in REDEMPTION. The essential question of

    Karma is the most challenging one to answer as we leaf through the book. THE


    shatter our illusions of childhood and youth as a carefree and blessed time. Children

    hurt and hurt others as much. Adults are blind to what goes on. Evil pervades all

    spheres of life and society. There is no haven for anyone.

    Yet THE BITTER TASTE is not pessimistic. The writers’ styles make it a very realistic

    and touching portrait of broken lives. We feel and ‘live’ with each of those people. This

    collection should be approached with a mind and heart ready to feel and suffer, to die

    and be reborn. THE BITTER TASTE shall leave its readers with the sweeter fragrance

    of their own existence reconsidered.

  2. 5 out of 5

    ‘The Bitter Taste’, is sure to leave readers thinking about the milieu, we all live in. There are so many things that go unsaid in society, so many people silently suffering and bearing the pain , without being able to find justice. What’s fantastic about this collection of short stories, is the fact that it touches a range of social reality, that we might ignore at times. For example, in ‘The Bitter Taste’ by Benazir Mungloo, readers become aware that there is more to just the tip of the iceberg. We judge people, without really understanding their pain. In ‘The Georgia Peach That Spoiled’ by Ny Qunaa, we realise that women remain unprotected, despite laws that supposedly exist to protect them: The society is still essentially patriarchal. Similarly, in ‘Bottles And Basslines’ by Sarah Cooke, we note how physical, verbal and mental abuse against women, is still present depite the fact that the world ‘evolved’ towards a more egaliterian dimension.
    The particularity of this book, lies in the medley of styles employed by the several distinct authors, from all around the world. Each of them, expose us to a side of people, we turn a blind eye to. This set of short stories, is very much deep in content and rich in realism.
    Definitely, a must read that I’ll recommend to all.
    Happy reading!

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